TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer is here!

Technological innovation is the primary driving force for development. As a global innovative life science and medical digital service ecosystem brand, Haier Biomedical continues upgrade our products and solutions to meet different and various market demands, creating the best user ecology – ‘zero distance to customer’ experience.

Relying on technological innovation, Haier Biomedical launched the DW-86L828ST new-generation ULT freezer, integrating TwinCool technology, Frequency Conversion technology, and Hydrocarbon energy saving technology together, which is world-leading in the field.

TwinCool ULT Freezer

This product has innovatively combined the intelligent frequency conversion technology with the dual-system refrigeration technology, providing double security and market leading ultra-low energy performance.

The frequency conversion dual-system ULT freezer is designed with A/B dual independent hydrocarbon refrigeration systems which operate independently and alternately during the refrigeration. With each system capable of refrigerating down to -80℃ independently, the product provides double security to ensure the sample storage security even in the case of failure of certain system.

The unit has super long temperature holdover time and in the case of power failure, the TwinCool takes around 290 minutes from -80℃ to -50℃ while maintaining the inner temperature uniformity at ±3℃ all the time, bringing the best in industry reliability for sample storage.

Additionally, the product has innovatively integrated global leading energy-saving refrigeration technologies, such as frequency conversion compressor, intelligent frequency conversion technology, and HC refrigeration system. When the ambient temperature is at 25℃, its energy consumption is down to 10kWh/24h at the set temperature of -70℃, which presents a 50% saving compared with the traditional HFC refrigeration model. The technologically advanced TwinCool has zero pollution and high environmental protection, it also features a super-low energy consumption surpassing all other brands. For now, it has passed the energy conservation and environmental protection certification of the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and the American Energy Star certification.

Under the wave of the fourth industrial revolution, Haier Biomedical has promoted the high-quality development of the industry through IoT transformation. In addition to delivering diversified IoT biosafety solutions to the users, Haier Biomedical will also contribute more to the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals through scientific and technological innovation. The Haier Biomedical will continue to speed up and to create more intelligent and comprehensive hydrogen frequency conversion dual-system ULT freezers that meet the needs of blood stations, hospitals, centers for disease control and prevention, laboratories, and other medical scenarios, building brand power in terms of independent innovation and technology to make life better through the intelligent protection of life science.

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TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer Suitable for the storage of biological samples such as viruses, blood cells, bacteria and tissue,