• SOLO Robotic Pipettor™

SOLO Robotic Pipettor™

  • Brand: HUDSON
  • Catalogue number: HR-800240-8-G
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The SOLO™ Automated Pipettor and SOLOSoft™ control software offers unsurpassed ease
of operation for serial dilutions and more...

The Hudson SOLO™ is a low cost, flexible and easy-to-use automated pipettor. Available in single, 8 and 12 channel options the SOLO can be programmed to do anything expected of a hand-held pipettor, with better repeatability. Simply set up the pipetting steps in intuitive SOLO Soft control software and go. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment, the SOLO can be loaded and operated manually and is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufacturers, including the Hudson Plate Crane EX. The SOLO was developed to meet the growing need throughout the research, pharmaceutical and clinical communities for a high resolution compact robotic pipettor. The SOLO provides researchers with walkaway freedom, a small footprint, and easy to use SOLO Soft software which is closely linked to our SoftLinx™ software for data tracking and scheduling, plus improved efficiency and decreased the cost of continuous unattended operation.

The SOLO™ easily fits on the lab bench and in standard fume hoods and biosafety cabinets. It can automate large and small volume experiments, is adaptable to most SBS footprint microplates and can improve the quality and reliability of many assays. The SOLO can work within a plate saving valuable time and reducing errors inherent in complex, repetitive pipetting. Optional deck accessories, stackers and bulk reagent dispensing give the SOLO all the features users demand in an automated pipettor.

• Compact 14” x 16” (355mm x 400mm) footprint for basic system

• 8-, 24-, 96- & 384- well microplate compatible

• Compatible with a wide variety of plates, vials and reagent reservoirs

• Dispense above the well, tip touch or set mix protocol

• Broad volume range: 1ul to 200ul for the multi-tip heads

• Easily fits in a standard hood

• Fully compatible with robot loading systems or can be used manually as a stand-alone unit

• Plate stacker upgrade available anytime for unparalleled flexibility and high throughput

• Easy to use SOLOSoft control software for simple programming of pipetting steps

• Seamless integration to SoftLinx scheduling software for ease of advanced automation


The SOLO™ is the ideal benchtop pipettor for a variety of applications.

Serial Dilutions:

• Quickly and easily set up serial dilutions with SOLOSoft control software

• Compatible with a wide variety of reservoirs

Drug Discovery:

• Kinase assays

• Cell-based assays including cell dispensing

• On-demand hit picking

• Plate coating


• Next-gen sequencing prep

• qPCR prep


• Plate stacker and/or robotic arm
• Shaker nest, heating/cooling nests, 96 & 384 well plate magnets, automated vacuum nest
• Liquid level detection
• The integrated bulk reagent dispensing


Dispensing: Single channel - 1ul to 10 ml; optional pump assembly for bulk dispensing 8 & 12 channel - 1-20 ul pipette head; 10-200ul pipette head

Plate Capacity: 4 or 6 on-deck positions; 2 additional positions off deck

Plate Format: SBS footprint; 8-, 24-, 96-, 384- shallow well and deep well; enquire for custom nests

Housing Material: Stainless main deck; painted steel upper arm covers; machined aluminum structural components

Spill Protection: All electronics protected by solid, non-penetrated cover

Arm Mechanism Horizontal Travel / Vertical Stroke: x=18.55”; y=9.57”; z=3.09”Size: 22” x 14” x 16” (HxWxD inches)

Weight : 50lbs.Computer Interface: RS-232 serial cable