• MyGo Pro® Real Time PCR System

MyGo Pro® Real Time PCR System

Powerful Performance – Small Footprint

Assembled from just a few building blocks, the robust MyGo Pro® System is easy to transport and install.

Up to 32 samples can be run in 0.1ml tubes or 8-strip format.

Rapid heating & cooling is performed utilizing Peltier elements, whilst a heated lid supports assay performance further.

Excitation is provided by high-intensity LEDs filtered to provide light at 500 nm that is capable of exciting all fluorophores commonly used in qPCR.

A prism is used to generate spectra from fluorescent emissions.

These spectra are imaged using a CMOS camera.

Specifications Dimensions (WxDxH)

9.45in x 10.63in x 9.06in / 24cm x 27cm x 23cm
Weight15.43 lbs (7 kg)
Operating Noise<40 dB(A)
Electrical Voltage100 - 240 V (+ 10%)
Frequency50 - 60 Hz (+ 10%)
Number of Reactions32 wells, 0.1ml tubes or 8-tube strips
Reaction Volume10 - 100 μl (20 μl recommended)
Temperature Cycling System   Peltier-based heating & cooling +40 to +99°C
Temperature RateHeating 5°C/s & Cooling 4°C/s
Temperature Uniformity+/- 0.05°C (SD)
Temperature Accuracy+/- 0.25°C
Run Time<50 min
Fluorescence Excitation500 nm (blue LED)
Fluorescence Detection

120 optical channels, 510 - 750nm
(CMOS camera)

Supported Assays Format

Intercalating dyes (e.g.,SYBR Green I), Hydrolysis Probes, Molecular Beacons,
SimpleProbes, HybProbes

Factory-Calibrated Dyes (at shipment)  SYBR Green I / FAM/ ResoLight: VIC / HEX / Yellow 555; LC Red 610 / Texas Red; Cy5
Multiplexing CapabilitiesUp to 7 targets

1.1 fold discrimination
9-log dynamic range
Single copy detection

Connection Options

Direct connection to computer (RJ45)
PC-free (USB stick/flash drive controlled)