• SER 158, Velp

SER 158, Velp

Exceptional Versatility and Scalability

  • Great range of applications for fat determination and sample preparation
  • Vast set of accessories for a wide range of applications
  • Up to 4 SER 158 units independently controlled with a single ControlPad managing up to 24 active positions
  • Works with the majority of solvents

High Productivity

  • Fast fat determination
  • Extraction process with Randall technique is 5 times faster than traditional Soxhlet
  • 24/7 unattended operations with automatic shutdown to ensure high throughput

High Performance

  • Fully automated extraction process
  • Titanium condensers (Patent pending) for unparalleled performance
  • Vast set of sensors and state-of-the-art technology
  • Conform to Good Laboratory Practice standards

Extreme Safety

  • SolventXpress™: the smart and hermetically sealed solvent dispensing system
  • SafeEnd™: to prevent the overheating of the soluble matter
  • Safety Guard: to ensure operator safety

Smart User Interface

  • One click “Load & Go”
  • Easy analysis program setting
  • LED guidance for active positions
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Several Predefined Methods
  • Balance connection

Cloud-Enabled Instrument

  • Effortlessly connect your instrument to the cloud in complete safety
  • Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
  • Anytime access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights 

    *Saving Time, Energy, Money & Space

Technical Specifications

Positions:SER 158/3 3-positions
SER 158/6 6-positions
Max. Capacity:SER 158/3 21 samples/day/unit
SER 158/6 42 samples/day/unit
Scalability:SER 158/3 12-pos. (up to 4 units)
SER 158/6 24-pos. (up to 4 units)
Display:7” color touch screen - extractable ControlPad
Accepted Solvents:Capable of being used with the majority of solvents
Solvent Recovery:> 90%
Measurement Range:0.1-100%
Reproducibility (RSD):≤ 1%
Automation:Immersion, Removing, Washing, Recovery, Cooling
Lighting:LED lights show 3/6 active positions
Heating Element:Glass ceramic – 3/6 positions independent switch on/off
Sample Size:0.5 to 15 g in 33x80 mm thimbles (generally 2-3 g)
Seals:Viton, Butyl, and Vaflon
Condensers:Titanium (VELP Patent Pending)
Connectivity:Cloud via LAN
Interfaces:3 x USB (balance, mouse, USB stick), Ethernet (Pc)
Result Calculation:Automatic, Archived on ControlPad
Water Consumption:from 1.0 l/min
Dimensions (WxHxD):SER 158/3 358x546x450 mm - 14x21,5x17,7 inch
SER 158/6 546x546x450 mm - 21,5x21,5x17,7 inch
Dimensions with ControlPad:SER 158/3 358x546x570 mm - 14x21,5x22,4 inch
SER 158/6 546x546x570 mm - 21,5x21,5x22,4 inch
Weight (SER 158/ControlPad):SER 158/3 Kg 29 / 1 - 64 / 2,2 lb
SER 158/6 Kg 36 / 1 - 80,3 / 2,2 lb
Power Supply:SER 158/3 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz 
SER 158/6 115/230 – 50/60 V-Hz
Power Consumption:SER 158/3 630/850 W 
SER 158/6 630/850 W
A00000288 A00000303 A00000302 A00000361 A00000291 
A00000288White vaflon seal SER158 3pcs/box
A00000303Extraction cup S Ø 48x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000302Extraction cup L Ø 65x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000361Extraction cup STD aluminum Ø 56x120mm 3pcs/box
A00000291Extraction thimbles holder Ø 25mm
A00000292 A00000294 A00000296 A00000314 A00000313 
A00000292Extraction thimbles holder Ø 40mm
A00000294Cellulose thimbles 25x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000296Cellulose thimbles 40x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000314Glass fiber thimbles 25x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000313Glass fiber thimbles 33x80mm, 25pcs/box
A00000310 A00000311 A00000304 A00000293 A00000301 
A00000310Thimble weighing cup
A00000311Thimbles stand 6 places
A00000304Handling device extraction cups
A00000293Crucible holder HU 6 for SER158
A00000301Complete Glass bottle solvent collection
A00000299 A00000300 A00000287 A00000195 A00000318 
A00000299Inlet Connection1/4NPT-tubeØ 4,3÷4,5mm
A00000300Inlet Connection 1/4NPT-tube Ø4,8÷5mm
A00000287Slave connection cable
A00000195Adapter USB-RS232
A00000318Oat meal, 30g
A00000315 A00000215 E00010012 E00010036 A00000364 
A00000315Extension lead 2m for ControlPad
A00000215Waterproof mouse
E00010012VELP Ermes 1 Year Connection
E00010036VELP Ermes 3 Years Connection
A00000364Barcode scanner with USB socket
A00000365 A00000306       
A00000365Wireless barcode scanner
A00000306IQ/OQ/PQ SER158 Manual
Cat. No. Product Name Image Price Stock Level Packing Quantity Quantity
VP-S303A0390 SER 158/3 SER 158/3 RM0.00 0 0
VP-S303A0380 SER 158/6 SER 158/6 RM0.00 0 0
VP-F303A0390 SER 158/3 without ControlPad SER 158/3 without ControlPad RM0.00 0 0
VP-F303A0380 SER 158/6 without ControlPad SER 158/6 without ControlPad RM0.00 0 0