• Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC

Benchtop NMR Analyser - MQC

Quick Overview

The benchtop NMR MQC analyzer addresses a range of industry-specific Quality Control requirements using proven, reliable and simple-to-use technology.

In many industries there is a requirement to accurately, reliably and simply measure the amount of a viscous or liquid component in the presence of other solid materials. The MQC meets this requirement with a technology that avoids the needs to separate the different phases; making sample preparation trivial, removes the need for extensive operator training, and provides fast accurate results. That means a more consistent product from your manufacturing operations, better process control, and reduced costs.

Our development and applications teams have created industry-specific applications for the following:

  • Lubricant on fibre, yarn or textile - spin finish, oil pick up (OPU), finish on yarn (FOY), avivage
  • Oil content of oilseeds
  • Oil content of snack foods
  • Oil and fat content of foodstuffs
  • Solid Fat Content (SFC)
  • Xylene solubles in polypropylene
  • Oil or polybutadiene in polystyrene
  • Plasticiser in PVC
  • Hydrogen content of aviation and other fuels
  • Fluoride content of toothpaste

The MQC benchtop NMR analyser offers several importan advantages over other laboratory analytical techniques:

Minimal Sample preparation

  • Samples are loaded into tubes, weighed (if necessary) then measured directly after a short period of temperature equilibration. Grinding or other forms of sample preparation are rarely needed.

No solvents

  • The MQC takes measurements on the constituent of interest in its natural state in the sample. No solvents or other chemicals are required, thus removing the need fume cabinets, specially trained staff, and expensive disposal procedures.

Bulk measurements

  • NMR signals are generated from all parts of the sample, not just the surface, thereby guaranteeing accurate measurements.

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