• Azure™ cSeries

Azure™ cSeries

Infrared Laser Excitation for Quantitative Western Blot Imaging in the NIR.

Improve Your Data Quality

Imaging with infrared dyes offers signal stability and low background fluorescence. Additionally, imaging with NIR dyes allows you to study multiple proteins in a blot, even if those proteins overlap in molecular weight. Azure Biosystem’s cSeries laser technology offers two IR detection channels enabling a user to image more than one protein in an assay.

Sensitive Detection of Proteins with Chemiluminescent Westerns Get Out of the Dark

The Azure cSeries provides accurate and fast chemiluminescent detection, as well as the sensitivity, dynamic range, and linearity needed for quantitative blot analysis. Get the best picture every time, and stop wasting money on film.

Use Cy®5/Cy®3/Cy®2 Dyes, Blue-Excited DNA Dyes, and More A Total Solution for Western Blot Imaging and Gel Documentation

The ​cSeries is a multichannel, multimodal imager, with IR, visible light, and UV excitation channels. Detect Cy dyes, Alexa® dyes, Safe dyes, and more.