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Cell Culture Flask, DNase & RNase Free

With vented screw cap Virgin polystyrene flask Easy to read volume scale Easy to stack Packaged in “peel-off” bags Treated

CLEAR-LOCK Microtubes CLEARLine® (1.5ml)

with secure lock, PP CLEAR-LOCK microtubes 0,5 ml CLEARLINE (Dna/Dnase/Rnase/Atp/Pyrogen/PCR inhibitors free) 10 bags of 1.000 pcs.

Macro and semi-micro cuvettes

Plastic disposable cuvettes replacing fragile glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications that were previously beyond therange of plastic cuvettes.

Pasteur pipettes

Single use transfer pipettes suitable for the vast majority of liquid handling in the laboratory. The integrated bulb contributes to