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Azure Aqua Power Supply

The Azure Aqua Power Supply is a universal power supply that is designed for powering electrophoresis and transfer modules.

Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell

The Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell is designed for running 1–4 precast or handcast gels (cassette size 10cm x 8cm) for electrophoresis.

Azure Aqua Transfer Cell

The Azure Aqua Transfer Cell is used for transferring two mini gels to membranes for Western blotting experiments (wet transfer).

ChemiSOLO Personal Chemiluminescent Imager

NEW! chemiSOLO Introducing a new, personal chemiluminescent imager that delivers high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent and visible protein gel imaging through a unique

Combo Full Set Azure Aqua Electrophorosis Tank

Azure Aqua Electrophoresis Tank Combo Set   Click here >> Azure Aqua Quad Mini Cell info Click here >> Azure