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Abcam All KIT Type

ELISA and MATCH ANTIBODY PAIR KITS INCLUDE ; Elisa Kits and Reagent-: 1.1 Elisa Kits Quantify your target protein using

Abcam Antibody Arrays

Catalogue number: Abcam Antibody Arrays

Abcam Primary Antibody

Catalogue number: Abcam Antibody Arrays

Abcam Protein and Peptide

Catalogue number: Abcam Protein and Peptide

Abcam Reagent

Catalogue number: Abcam Reagent

Abcam Secondary Antibody

Catalogue number: Abcam Secondary Antibody

Low Fluorescence Western Membrane (PVDF)

General notes Pre-cut membranes (10 sheets, 7 x 9 cm), compatible with gels 10 x 10 cm and smaller. Note:

Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane- 0.45 µm

General notes High quality 0.45 um nitrocellulose membranes that are more durable than standard nitrocellulose membranes. ab133412 yields clearer blots

Prestained Protein Ladder – Broad molecular weight (10-245 kDa)

General notes Prestained Protein Ladder ab116028 is a three-color protein standard with 12 pre-stained proteins covering a wide range of