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2.0ml Internal Thread Cryovials Vials, White Cap

RM842.30 RM759.00
● Made of medical grade polypropylene; can be repeatedly frozen and thawed ● 2.0ml cryogenic vials are available with either

CLEAR-LOCK Microtubes CLEARLine® (1.5ml)

with secure lock, PP CLEAR-LOCK microtubes 0,5 ml CLEARLINE (Dna/Dnase/Rnase/Atp/Pyrogen/PCR inhibitors free) 10 bags of 1.000 pcs.

Disposable Petri Dish

Capacity : 90 x 15mm Quantity : 500pcs

Inoculating Loop, Sterilized

RM150.00 RM125.00
● Made of medical-grade high impact polystyrene ● Ultra-smooth loop surface design facilitates uniform and smooth streaking

Keck™ Clip for Conical Socket & Joints

Clip for Conical Socket & Joints

Keck™ Clip for Spherical Joints

Clips Plastic for Ball & Cup Glass Joints

Macro and semi-micro cuvettes

Plastic disposable cuvettes replacing fragile glass or quartz cuvettes in many applications that were previously beyond therange of plastic cuvettes.

Paradigm Reloads Tips

Reloads tips 10μL , 200μL & 1250μL

Paradigm Reloads Tips Racked

Pipette tips racked 10μL , 200μL & 1250μL

Pasteur pipettes

Single use transfer pipettes suitable for the vast majority of liquid handling in the laboratory. The integrated bulb contributes to

PP Storage Packs, 100 Well

RM377.00 RM255.00
Dimension 141 x 154 x 55 5 rack / strip, 4 strip/ case Assorted Colors 100-well

Silicon Tubing 5 Meter

Autoclavable able to withstand extreme temp. from – 60 OC to 280 OC