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Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell

The Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell is designed for running 1–4 precast or handcast gels (cassette size 10cm x 8cm) for electrophoresis.

ChemiSOLO Personal Chemiluminescent Imager

NEW! chemiSOLO Introducing a new, personal chemiluminescent imager that delivers high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent and visible protein gel imaging through a unique

Low Fluorescence Western Membrane (PVDF) (ab133411)

Product name Low Fluorescence Western Membrane (PVDF) Tested applications Suitable for: WBmore details General notes Pre-cut membranes (10 sheets, 7 x

Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane- 0.45 µm (ab133412)

Product name Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane- 0.45 µm See all Western blot membrane reagents General notes High quality 0.45 um nitrocellulose