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Azure Aqua Power Supply

The Azure Aqua Power Supply is a universal power supply that is designed for powering electrophoresis and transfer modules.

Azure Aqua Transfer Cell

The Azure Aqua Transfer Cell is used for transferring two mini gels to membranes for Western blotting experiments (wet transfer).

Laboratory Electrophoresis System Omnipage

omniPAGE Mini Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System   > Run a maximum of 4 gels within an hour > Perform 2-D

Laboratory Electrophoresis System OmniPAGE Mini Wide

omniPAGE Mini Wide Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System   > Offers the capacity of two mini gels on a single gel

Laboratory Electrophoresis System OmniPAGE Wave Maxi

omniPAGE WAVE Maxi > Fewer Screws  novel vertical screw-clamp technology reduces the number of screws required for set up compared

Prestained Protein Ladder – Broad molecular weight (10-245 kDa)

General notes Prestained Protein Ladder ab116028 is a three-color protein standard with 12 pre-stained proteins covering a wide range of