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PCR, Microtubes 0.2 ml Mμlti

Microtube with domed or flat cap Thin wall for optimal and uniform heat transfer Pure polypropylene, very transparent Certified RNase

Precision nanoScript2 Reverse Transcription Kit

  • High efficiency enzyme - better data
  • Precise reproducible results
  • Ultra fast protocol
  • Suitable for large range of RNA template - from 2 nanograms to 2 micrograms

PrecisionPLUS qPCR Master Mix

  • High efficiency enzyme - Better Data
  • Precise reproducible results
  • Robust
  • Available premixed with SYBR green at no extra charge

SNAP i.d.® 2.0 system for Western blotting and IHC

Just SNAP and go! Unlike conventional Western blotting, where diffusion is the primary means of reagent transport, the SNAP i.d.®

SOLO Robotic Pipettor

The SOLO™ Automated Pipettor and SOLOSoft™ control software offers unsurpassed ease of operation for serial dilutions and more… The Hudson