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Auto Digital Polarimeter Hanon P810 Series

P810 includes built-in Peltier precise temperature control system. P Series Polarimeter with automatic photoelectric inspection technology and WINDOWS HMI system,

Auto Digital Refractometer Hanon A630/A670

  A630 / A670 REFRACTOMETER Hanon A670/A630 Automatic Refractometer includes high-performance CCD light-sensitive part, it can automatically measure the refractive index(nD)

Automatic Titrator COM-1700A Series

Color LCD touch panel Large sized color graphics LCD displays real-time titration curves and differential curves to show reaction tendencies,

C30/C30M Portable Spectrometer


Compact Spectrometer C30

The C30 Portable Spectrometer is a compact portable instrument based on advanced CCD detection technology.

CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Elemental Analyzer

Fast, versatile, cloud-enabled elemental analyzer for Carbon and Nitrogen determination on organic matrices with Helium and Argon as carrier gas. .

Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC7020

Quick Overview The high-end versatile model of Differential Scanning Calorimeter   DSC7020 is the high-end versatile model which achieves high

Dynamic Mechanical Spectrophotometers DMA 7100

Quick Overview Performance and functions of the DMA7100 follow in the footsteps of prior models but with improved operability and

EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer

More than Just Speed EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume UV/Vis Spectrophotometer accelerates your research efficiency. It can complete the measurement of a