Learn how RISE complements EDS analysis

Learn how RISE complements EDS analysis

This tutorial will introduce the key concepts of Raman spectroscopy, showing how we obtain spectral data and what information are we able to deduce from it. We will then introduce the RISE (Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron) product and describe how it is incorporated into the SEM world. Finally, we will dive into an application example showing how RISE and EDS can combine to provide a powerful, comprehensive solution for materials analysis.

You will learn:

  • What is Raman spectroscopy?
  • What is RISE?
  • How RISE complements conventional EDS analysis

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  • Duration: 30 MINUTES

  • Language: English

  • Businesses: NanoAnalysis, WITec | Raman


Dr Joshua Lea – Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis
Raman Product Scientist

Dr Joshua Lea graduated with an MChem in Chemistry and Nanotechnology from the University of Hull in 2017. He then embarked on a PhD in Chemistry at Lancaster University which focused on the design of rhenium-functionalised surfaces for Raman sensing. He joined Oxford Instruments WITec as a Product Scientist in 2022 after a Postdoctoral Research position at Lancaster University which specialised in the educating people on and applying Raman Spectroscopy, developing his passion and enthusiasm for this technique.