From industry to university research laboratories: chemical synthesis finds applications in many fields. Learn how to optimize your performance with the VELP’s Heating Magnetic Stirrers and a wide range of accessories that enable the protection of the sample, laboratory, and operator.

The chemical synthesis and the construction of new, complex,  and defined molecules is a complicated challenge that supports developments in a wide range of fields. Chemical synthesis enables a better understanding of compound structures and the production of new ones for research purposes. It is used to obtain many substances important for everyday life. This makes it a unique and enabling science, where some requirements are crucial such as, precise temperature control and the protection of the sample, the instrument, and the operator.

Typically, chemical synthesis, whether organic or inorganic, is performed in round bottom flasks. There are several options for laboratories in order to work with such flasks: hot platesoil baths, and heating mantles.
However oil baths and heating mantles have some disadvantages such as:

  • Extensive cleaning after use
  • The need for a temperature control system to keep it constant
  • The risk of spills and fires, which does not guarantee the safety of the operator
  • The disposal of used oils
  • Some limits in the type of glassware that can be used

A safe and effective alternative to oil baths and heating mantles

VELP engineered extremely robust and highly versatile Heating Magnetic Stirrers, along with a complete offer of additional accessories, that enable you to perform clean, precise, and safe reactions.


With Heating Magnetic Stirrers, high temperature is often experienced during laboratory work. Therefore, it is crucial to control temperature, as well as, sensitivity to temperature changes for both endothermic and exothermic reactions according to the reaction requirements.

VELP engineered the external Pt100probe and the VTF Thermoregulator, which enable extremely stable and fast thermoregulation and temperature control, with minimal overshoot, thanks to the PID thermoregulation software.


VELP offers you a range of Hemispheric BowlsTM, made of aluminum, an excellent heat conductor, which precisely fits with the 135 mm plate diameter of the Heating Magnetic Stirrers.

The Hemispheric BowlsTMaccommodate different types of glassware and round bottom flasks, which range from 25 ml to 5000 ml, minimizing the risk of movement and ensuring the fastest heat transfer.

When working with round bottom flasks, you can When working with round bottom flasks, you can choose from a wide range of PTFE cover, compatible with all VELP Hemispheric BowlsTM, for complete operator protection and minimized heat loss


While performing chemical synthesis, spills of organic solvents often occur and these can damage instruments. It is therefore essential to protect laboratory equipment in order to optimize its durability and always achieve excellent performance. VELP designed a series of additional silicon covers, which offer total protection against accidental spills.

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