Total solution provider of products and services for most scientific endeavours.
PLT Scientific Sdn Bhd is a leading supplier of science equipment in Malaysia offering products ranging from state-of-the-art analytical instruments to basic laboratory glassware. It is registered with the Ministry of Finance as a contract supplier of medical disposableware, laboratory chemicals and laboratory equipment, under the registration reference no. K.KEW/K&B/D/02/494/357-035912. Headquartered in Puchong on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, PLT Scientific is strategically located to serve its customers due to its easy access to the various business-friendly infrastructures already in place. Success on the local front had spurred its foray in to other markets in the region with the founding of an affiliated company in Thailand in 2003 as the first step. Another affiliated company was established in Indonesia in 2010.
PLT Scientific distributes accredited products from world-renowned manufacturers. It has been granted exclusive distribution rights to a diverse range of products by its principals who have been convinced of its virtue and potential. Our strong base of long-term customers built up over the years speaks for the standard of our customer service and the rapport we have with our satisfied customers. Our clientele includes government agencies, universities and colleges, food and beverage manufacturing companies, hospitals, environmental institutions, biotechnology firms, testing and analytical laboratories etc. Thanks to the support of our happy customers, PLT Scientific has been enjoying almost three decades of active presence in the scientific market since its nascency as Pioneer Glassworks, a company which, as the name implies, is the pioneer in scientific glass blowing on a commercial scale in Malaysia.

Our Vision

PLT Scientific has an ambition to be a total solution provider of products and services for most scientific endeavours and laboratory glassware. A tall order indeed but, given time, we believe it is achievable. Working towards that end, we first embark on making PLT Scientific a ‘one-stop’ centre for all scientific products. Efforts being made now include acquiring more distributorship to enable us to have a well-diversified range of products. To realize this, our managing director regularly travels overseas looking for new and innovative products and visiting potential principals. Major trade shows such as Achema (Germany), Analytica (Germany) and the Pitt’s Conference (USA) are definitely on his itinerary. On the international arena, PLT Scientific aspires to make its presence felt in as many countries as possible but for the moment our business development plan is to set up affiliates in neighbouring South East Asian countries and we already have one in Thailand for a start. To bring the level of management and administration of our organization to internationally recognized standards, moving our company towards ISO certification is also on our agenda.

Our Core Competencies

Our Mission

In order for Malaysia to progress and become an advanced nation, we must follow the advancement in science & technology which is the key for survival in our ever advancing world. With this in mind, we are endeavoured to play a part to contribute towards nation building though a very small part. We have a dream.

Our Commitments

We regard our customers as partners, and to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial, has always been our focus. Hence, we maintain and uphold our marketing approach:
  • To offer quality products at competitive prices
  • To provide consistently high standard of customer service
  • To ensure our products are readily available.
  • To ensure timely delivery and with well-organized logistics
  • To provide our customers the convenience of procuring all products under one roof
  • To offer our customers alternatives to competitors’ products
  • To provide prompt and efficient after-sales service
Our commitment to providing capable and efficient after-sales service is reflected in our efforts to maintain continuous overseas sales and service training to keep our staff up-to- date with advancement in technology at our principals’ facilities.

Our New Plant

Address: PT 32237, LOT 46456, NO 3 Jalan Graphite 3, Kawasan Perindustrian Bandar Mahkota Banting, 42700 Banting, Selangor
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