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Oilseed Harvest Campaign by Oxford Instrument

Content available

• “A cost benefit analysis: Optimising seed oil yield by in process testing using MQC+ oilseed analyser”.
• “Measurement of Oil and Water in Seeds according to ISO 10565”.
• “Determination of Oil and Water in Oilseed and Grain Residues using the MQC+5”.

TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer is here!

Haier Biomedical

Relying on technological innovation, Haier Biomedical launched the DW-86L828ST new-generation ULT freezer, integrating TwinCool technology, Frequency Conversion technology, and Hydrocarbon energy saving technology together, which is world-leading in the field.

DWK Life Sciences

One DURAN® Bottle System For All Your Needs From Standard To Special.